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Becoming a Member! March 30, 2008

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Wanna Become a member? Well, sorry but it’s gonna cost you some cash! Credit Card Please!

First you need to go to www.clubpenguin.com                                                                                                                   

Now, click on the button that says membership.

Then, choose either monthly membership for $5.95 or the 6 month  membership for $29.95 or the full year membership for $57.97

Next, log in or create an account.

Now, enter your credit card info and follow any other on screen instructions.

Lastly, depending on what method of payment you use is when your membership is activated

Well, there you go! Welcome to membership!



Calling All Club Penguin Players! November 29, 2007

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Do you want to learn some of the club penguin cheats? Get friendly help from real people and not hackers?  Well, all you need to do is go to www.helpmeoncp.wordpress.com! Madammusic4cp, the founder, me and the other helpmeoncp members will help you and provide cheats and helpful information. So, quick go to the link and get playing Cub Penguin!


Hello, Fellow Club Penguin Members! November 7, 2007

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Hi, my name is Valerie, but more commonly (on cp) known as Tango2Nite. I am currently a helpmeoncp member.

I found out about Club Penguin through the helpmeoncp founder, Roxanne. I look forward to helping you and answering any questions you may have.

I only have one penguin and I am mostly on the U.S. SubZero server. My penguin is not a member.

Here is a picture of my Penguin!

My Penguin